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PBN Domain Research Video 2 of 3 – My personal research method for deindexed and pre-release domains.

Posted in Search Engine Optimization on September 11, 2015

Hey everyone,

In this video, I explain my personal research method for researching both deindexed and pre-release domains. I also go through 10 research examples to try and show you all the different scenarios that could likely come up during the research process.

  • How to tell if a deindexed domain is still safe to re-register for your PBN and get it indexed again.
  • How to instantly know when domains with amazing metrics are still highly dangerous to register.
  • How to "cherry pick" huge domains and register them for only $20 bucks!
  • How to use Wayback to get the whole history of a domain, and use that information to determine if it's a good one to register or not.
  • How to do "deeper" research to get a bigger picture

My aim with this video is to show you as many possible scenarios good and bad so that you can avoid buying crappy domains that you thought were good!  Because when you use bad domains, you get bad results and you may not even have known why!  Well...this should help clear that up.

Of course, if you have questions or comments, please leave them below and I will answer them here!

  • Hi Herc, Where can I grab the paid link to video #3?

  • HercMagnus says:

    This site is using Thrive Themes, and my all time favorite is Avada 🙂

  • Iam curiouus to find oout what blog platform you are worҝing ԝith?
    Ι’m һaving ѕome small security problems with myy latеst website and I ѡould
    lіke to fіnd sοmething mⲟre safe. Do yoou һave aany recommendations?

  • Hey Herc! Really helpful videos. Is video 3 ready? How much do you charge and where it could be seen?

  • Nice! Verryyyy Nice! Can you send me info on how to get the third video?

  • Hi Herc, love all the info U provide. I just bought Project Supremacy and downloaded rank/n/rent..All totally new 2 me..taking one step at a time.
    Can you tell me where Video 3 is for:
    PBN Domain Research Video 2 of 3 – My personal research method for deindexed and pre-release domains

    Thank you.

  • HercMagnus says:

    Video 3 is going to be mind bending 🙂

  • Thank you, for this Herc very helpful… ‘er I mean this was so NOT useful at all! Do NOT watch these, you don’t want to, nor need to know this information!

  • Hi Herc,

    Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, my PBN’s are static HTML, so I can’t use plugins. I did install WP on a subpage to test – however it seems the xml sitemap only finds the pages created in WP.

    Right now I’m thinking of getting new expired domains to replace them. I built out 12 new PBN’s last week, and the other 10 all got indexed within 2 days.

    Do you think it’s possible for the domain to be penalized by Google, but we don’t see it in Majestic simply because Majestic fails to crawl those links?

    And should there be a point when you just ditch an expired domain because it doesn’t index for unknown reasons?

  • HercMagnus says:

    If you have access to vKrakken plugin, add the Google sitemaps plugin to your blog, and start uploading related Youtube videos to a category that you don’t link to from your main blog. Google will see the posts in your sitemap.xml (you also need a sitemap). Load a new video every 3-5 days to not over do it. See how that pans out.

  • Hey Herc,

    Found your video helpful. I have 2 expired domain PBN’s that I’ve completely built out ~2 weeks ago. Anchor text looks clean, and could not find any problems with Wayback.

    However, it’s still not re-indexing, even though I put original content, did sitemap submit, pointed 3 links, and pinged it 2 weeks ago. Do you have recommendations of what to do from here?


  • HercMagnus says:

    Awesome, glad you liked it Don!

  • HercMagnus says:

    Deindexed domains can still be powerful if they are able to get re-indexed. You have to do more than an index check, you still need to look at the Wayback machine data to see if you can find out why it was deindexed, spam or naturally.

  • I have a few PBN domains I own that were expired but have good metrics. I have not built them out yet and used your test to see if they were still indexed which they were not.I was wondering before I build out and link any websites to them if they still carry the same weight as an indexed or pre released domain? Are expired domains worth investing in or should I stick to domains that are in auctions or are soon to be expired? Please let me know your thoughts.

  • Herc,

    This is outstanding information. Thank you for doing the research and taking the time to share this with us. I think it will be a huge difference maker in how I do my “due diligence” on potential PBNs.

    Looking forward to #3.


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