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If you have a question about anything related to online marketing or SEO, please type it below.  I take the best questions and create detailed video answers to place on my blog!

About Herc Magnus

I still strongly believe in a business deal done on a handshake.

I appreciate honestly, integrity, intelligence and accountability and I tend to gravitate towards and thrive around those types. 

I'm extremely entrepreneurial and I love taking risks. When I was 25, I rode a bicycle from Edmonton, AB to Tampa Bay, FL.  I invested heavily in Crypto in 2015 before it was mainstream.

I'm a passionate musician! I play multiple instruments and also play in a killer rock band called Hollywood Assassyn.

I run my own SEO Agency, Position One Marketing, and co-founded a successful SEO software development company with the following products: Xagio, Keyword Supremacy, SERPscout.

I teach the Rank & Rent method of SEO to over 5000 students!

Along the way, I try to have fun and seek the things that make me happy!