web analytics

Keyword & Competition Research

A software I co-founded that combines WordPress Management with SEO elements.  An excellent way to find keywords & competition metrics when optimizing a website.

Another software I co-founded built exclusively for deep keyword & competition research.  There is literally no amazing keyword that cannot be found using this tool.

Money Site & Private Blog Network Hosting

After using multiple PBN hosting companies, I finally migrated everything to BulkBuyHosting.  The absolute best PBN hosting service with too many required features to list.

With hosting, the most important thing to me other than an amazing hosting platform, is customer support.  NameCheap is absolutely unbeatable here at a price that cannot be beat.

Website & Backlink Analysis

I primarily use Moz when I want to see what a websites backlink profile looks like, including my own websites. You can sign up to use it for free, but it has daily limits to how much info you can grab. Highly useful.

Another great source for backlink data.  Very similar to Moz & Majestic.

Another great source for backlink data.  Very similar to Moz & aHrefs.

When I want to view the historical information of a domain, this is the tool I use.  I can find out what the domain used to be, how it looked, if it transferred ownership and more highly useful data.

WordPress Theme & Design Builder

Do you like the way this website looks? It's because I designed with ThriveThemes. An easy to learn drag and drop website builder. I won't build another site another way now.

Email Marketing

Email marketing software with a ton of incredible integrations and features.  I've once again used many in my career and have been extremely fond of Mailerlite and they continue to get better.

Content Creation

I hate writing my own content. So for less than a burger and fries, you can have any article you wish written for you. Reject it as many times as you like if it's not right and it costs the same. You can also have ebooks written! Awesome service for content creation.

Traffic & Stats

I love this stat tracking service. I personally prefer these guys to Google Analytics for a few reasons. They have a more user-friendly interface, and they don't steal/spy on you like Google does! Free for as many sites as you like, or upgrade for more stats!

Private Browsing

Want to surf the internet or search Google without them knowing it's you? Want to appear as if you are surfing from Russia, Japan or Australia? This is the tool to do it with. Great for when you are using Magic Submitter or trying to hide what you are really doing from Google. And it's fairly cheap!