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PBN Hosting: The Ultimate Guide

Posted in Search Engine Optimization on May 2, 2022

Utilizing a Private Blog Network is one of the highest risk vs reward strategies you can employ if you wish to help control the rankings of any website. The bottom line is that using a Private Blog Network to control your backlinks works extremely well to quickly increase your ranking in Google...if you do it right.

However, if you don't fully understand how Private Blog Networks work, what it takes to properly manage it safely, and what the risks are, you could severely hurt your websites rankings or have your sites de-indexed in Google, which would dry up your traffic source. Even worse, there's also the risk of having your PBN sites deindexed from Google which in reality is just a huge waste of both your time & investment.  There’s nothing worse than spending a few hundred dollars on acquiring and setting up a PBN site only to lose it all.

The right PBN hosting solution is one of the most important elements of a private blog network as you'll need to securely host a lot of websites with access to reporting and features that will make your life easier and more efficient at a cost that won't break the bank.

A cheap host is great, but it also has to have the features you need to keep your sites indexed, and maintained with minimal supervision so you aren't tied to daily management & security tasks.

I currently run a 200+ site PBN network and have tried almost all the PBN Hosting Companies & strategies so I'm more than qualified to write this article because I've run into all the issues that can come up when hosting a large network of websites.

In this article we'll cover the 13 most important features and benefits to look for in a high quality PBN hosting company.

Part 1 -PBN Hosting Plan Basics

Ranking has become increasingly challenging following the growth of SEO. As opposed to some claims, it’s quite beneficial to invest in PBNs. Below are some of the beneficial PBN hosting features you should look for. 

#1 - Affordable Pricing

Building and maintaining a PBN comes with numerous considerations and can be expensive. You will have to buy domains, pay hosting fees, set up the sites, produce content, and manage it. If you're looking to minimize costs, in the long run, it's crucial to work with an affordable hosting company. Especially as your networks grow over time. 

Opting for a hosting company that costs at most $1.50 to $2.00 is a great saver. Still, you shouldn't go with any cheap option you find, or you’ll risk getting your websites de-indexed. Do your research, your hosting company should not only be affordable but have a decent reputation and online reviews.

#2 - Fast and Secure Hosting With No Downtime

Frequent downtimes entail the risk of losing your backlinks in Google, and even your rankings. If you don’t want your interlinked sites and money site data to get tipped off the search engines, your PBN shouldn’t leave an obvious footprint. Thus, your PBN host must provide unique IPs for each hosting account to ensure you don’t get easily identified. 

A solid PBN hosting company should also offer speed. Since 2010, Google has considered page speed a salient factor in your search engine rankings. You could be a skilled web designer, but if you go with a poor PBN host, your websites will be slow. Your users could quickly give up and just click away.  

Make sure your hosting company offers less load time and frequently backs up your data. This way you’ll not only maintain an audience and protect your security from hackers, but you'll also have less downtime and have an alternative when the problem arises.

#3 - Ease Of Use

Managing a PBN can take up a lot of your time. That’s why having a hosting solution that’s easy to navigate and doesn’t require a large learning curve is essential. 

A good PBN company should give you the convenience of accessing multiple hosting accounts in one central dashboard. It’s also a plus if it comes with daily backups and automatic WordPress updates. These features will help you save time with the set up and seamlessly manage new sites. 

#4 - Ability To Host Multiple PBN Sites In One Account

Having to log in to only one or two accounts to manage a PBN is more efficient than having to hold different logins at a time. An ideal hosting company should have a dashboard that keeps all your network accounts. This should let you see your sites' IP addresses, name servers, and default cPanel login credentials all in one place. Thus, allowing you to seamlessly monitor your online business as your networks grow over time. 

Another plus of having this feature is that it lets you pay all your monthly bills collectively, rather than paying a large number of small hosts directly. With this feature, you now have a singular point of contact between you and all the hosting accounts you own, making payment less burdensome. 

#5 - High Quality 24/7 Customer Support

Even if you’re very comfortable with how your PBN business is growing, there are certain things you have no control over. If something goes wrong with the server and it starts messing up your websites, you’ll have to rely on your hosting company to keep your PBN site indexed and backlinks alive. 

A good hosting solution should have customer support on standby, providing you with quick solutions. And by solutions — I’m talking about tools and answers that can effectively help you solve the problem in real-time. 

#6 - Scalable Plans To Accommodate Growth

A lot of things can happen as you become more successful. Typically you’ll have an increase in traffic as more and more audiences visit your networks. As your PBN expands, you’ll want a hosting company that can handle growth. 

When choosing your web host, ask yourself this question: Can my hosting company give me the necessary services I’ll need in the future? A solid PBN hosting should not only have the tools that fit your goals but the capacity to grow into bigger plans as your needs increase. 

#7 - Sub User & Virtual Assistant Accounts

Setting up and managing your PBN can be difficult to do alone. That’s why you’ll need to work with a VA who’ll be responsible for keeping track of your hosting accounts to ensure everything works well.

But unless you get a knowledgeable one, you’ll need to train him or her. So, it would be nice if your hosting company provides secondary private access that’s easy to navigate for your VA. 

#8 - Affiliate Program To Generate Extra Revenue

Your hosting company may offer an affiliate program to expand its customer base. So, it'll be a great plus if you can earn recurring commissions through doing referrals. With this, you'll be able to have additional income on the side and help cover the costs of running your PBN.

Part 2 -PBN Hosting Features

#9 - A Dedicated IP Address For Each PBN Site

Multiple websites having similar IP addresses point to being owned by the same person. This is a footprint and can easily notify Google that your websites are a part of a PBN. Likewise, bad IP neighborhoods can also bring negative attention from Google. Once your websites are detected as part of a link-building network, all your hard work can simply disappear in one night. 

Your PBN hosting company should offer separate IPS for your websites. So it’s difficult to identify that all these websites belong to the same person. With this, you can build backlinks that look more natural in Google, reducing the risk of getting de-indexed.

#10 - cPanel Access For Backend Site Management

Another must-have feature for your hosting company is cPanel Access. This function lets you manage the site backend and perform actions such as PHP upgrades, creating email addresses, and looking at error logs whenever the sites go down. 

Ideally, your hosting company should provide you with a separate Cpanel account for each domain. This way, you’ll have full control over your websites.

#11 - Free SSL Certificates For Each PBN site

SSL certificates cost a lot of money but since they’re a standard for all websites, having one is extremely important. An SSL does not only secure the connection between your PBN sites and the audience, but also allows for more authority, prevents security breaches, and saves you from getting detected by Google. 

You should know that some hosts don’t normally offer SSL Certificates for free. So, if you come across a company that offers one, it’ll be a great bargain!

#12 - Automated Metrics Monitoring

Having to see what your PBN metrics are (MOZ, aHrefs, and Majestic) at a glance is another must-have feature. Your hosting company should have an integrated interface that lets you track your traffic, ranking, and site visibility, despite using different providers for each analysis. This way, you won’t have to log in to each service provider just to access that specific backlink analysis, site audit, or keyword search tool you need. 

#13 - Migration Ability To Move From Another Hosting

If you’re currently having lots of downtime with your PBN host, you can easily move to a good one with migration. The ideal hosting company should be able to help move your site for free without any errors or problems. With this, you’ll be able to save a huge amount of time and effort that would have cost you to migrate the website yourself. You can just have them sort all your moving without any fuss on your part!

Part 3 - The Best PBN Hosting Company

As mentioned above, I’ve tried every PBN Hosting company and solution in the books; PBN Hosts, Dollar Hosts, VPN Hosts etc. and after 10+ years of running it’s come down to one and only one host for me.

I've moved 100% of my PBN sites to this host.


Because they have literally every feature and benefit I’ve listed above included in their hosting packages.

They are established, have been around a long time and continue to deliver new features that make managing a PBN easier and faster all at an amazing price.

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