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The Mirage of AI: Your “SEO Shortcut” Might Just be a Detour

Posted in Personal on October 10, 2023

How Rooting Back to SEO Fundamentals, When Coupled With The Right AI, Can Elevate Your SEO Success

In a world where SEO professionals are constantly on the hunt for the latest AI tools to get a competitive edge, many are finding themselves falling short of their ranking goals.

The allure of AI in automating and enhancing SEO tasks is indisputable.

However, the stark reality is that most AI tools specialize in just one aspect of SEO, typically content enhancement. This narrow focus overlooks the fact that for an SEO to be truly successful, an entire holistic approach is required.

While most AI adapted content tools have gained popularity for their ability to assist in content optimization (Jasper.ai), they barely scratch the surface when it comes to addressing the entirety of a solid SEO strategy. Good content, while crucial, is but a piece of the puzzle. It will not magically propel your site to the top of the SERPs without the backing of a solid keyword strategy and on-page optimization.

The truth is (and has been for a long time), SEO is a three-step fundamental process:

  1. Keyword Research (including competition research & clustering)
  2. On-Page Optimization (including meta optimization & content)
  3. Off-Page Optimization (trust & authority gained via backlinks)

Any professional SEO knows that each step builds on the diligence of the last.  And to further exemplify this, the opposite also is true.  Poor keyword research leads to misguided optimization, and no amount of link building can really help that!  To say it another way, each step in the SEO process is contingent on the accuracy and effectiveness of the previous step, and failing in the initial stages can lead to an ineffective SEO strategy overall, regardless of efforts made in later stages.

So no matter how well your content scores with any AI tool, it's just not going to have the same SEO-PUNCH as it would if it were content generated AFTER a solid bout of keyword research, clustering & optimization.  Sure I guess you could always do keyword research after the article is written.  But what if they are too competitive, or there just isn't the search volume you expected?  

The limitations of a content first approach are not obviously apparent to most, as it does work somewhat.  But it also leads many to believe that this approach is actually working.  While content enhancement is beneficial, its impact can be significantly magnified when preceded by thorough keyword research and optimization.

To me, this whole content first business (AI or not) just seems like unnecessarily (or ignorantly) putting the cart before the horse.  Oops.

Navigating the entire realm of SEO requires more than just a piecemeal approach.  

This isn't about chasing ranking boners; it's about establishing a robust SEO framework that withstands the evolving digital landscape.

With the right approach first, and AI assistance second, you will be executing a far more pragmatic, results-driven SEO strategy rooted in proven fundamentals, and then enhanced by AI's precision and efficiency.

Part 2 Coming Soon....

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